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Why Drink Coffee? Which Coffee machines make the best coffee?
Coffee advice from why we drink coffee to the best coffee machines
to buy for the best coffee

The most economical coffee equipment to purchase is (other than instant) is filter coffee equipment.

However if you would like to produce espressos and cappuccinos for your coffee shop you will require and industrial espresso machine like the Expobar which could cost around R11500.00 excl.v.a.t (under commercial equipment) and a industrial grinder which could cost approx R5000.00 excl v.a.t . We can save you the cost of the grinder by pre-grinding our wonderful Brazilian coffee when you order. Pls note: a well trained operator or barista is essential for you to produce the perfect cup.

For smaller business like internet cafes and salons we strongly recommend our range of automated bean to cup machines
that are found on our domestic coffee machines (underline link) page or the Saeco Royal Professional found on the commercial and vending page. They are easy to use, have built –in –grinders and produce coffee shop quality Bean-to-cup coffee at the press of a button

Vending options (Suitable for service stations, corporate companies and factories)

For workforce of 40 and over or high volume

We have two options

  1. Instant coffee vending option ( includes hot chocolate) –starting price in excess of R10500.00 excluding v.a.t.

  2. Bean-to-cup option : Which have a built in grinder (that grind a fresh dose of coffee each time ) which are slightly more expensive but with a much richer full bodied coffee . We have machines that can accommodate up to 400 cups a day .Not recommended for the feint hearted or those with high blood pressure.

Free equipment

If you are using in excess of 25 kg (3500 cups) per month of and average of 50 kg over two months you could be eligible for a free
Espresso or vending machine .If your quantity falls below the minimum you will be charged a special rate for the difference.


Our Canecao coffee is carefully cultivated in small quantities and therefore has a consistent quality and taste .The advanced packaging preserves the flavour perfectly. Our price of espresso coffee beans is R140.00 per kg is which converts to approximately R1.00 per cup excl v.a.t ,milk etc. our filter coffee is approximately R100 .00 /kg = 78cents per cup excl v.a.t

We are sole agents for Canecao Brazilian coffee . Many of the “premium blended coffees” are blended with the cheaper Robusta bean that is associated with poor health such as increase of bad cholesterol etc. This is why our 100% Arabica coffee which is good as an

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Can be used for a facial
  • the grounds are good as fertilizer for your roses
  • even good for an enema

Equipment and coffee consultant : George Polly  031 4659016
Restaurant staff  training (freelance consultant) Valentino  

"Our Mission Statement:To provide an honest and reliable supply and service at competitive prices. Your success is our success ".