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Espresso / Cappuccino Coffee Machines
Single Station

Expobar-Pulsar (INDUSTRIAL)

  • Set boiler
  • Semi-automatic
  • Single group
  • Volumetric pump
  • Water softener (Optional)
  • 5lt Boiler

All prices exlude V.A.T, transport and installation.

Single Station Espresso/Cappucino Coffee Machine
Best Price Coffee Machine

Two Station


  • 10L boiler
  • Semi-automatic
  • Two group
  • Water softener (Optional)

All prices exlude V.A.T, transport and installation.

Monroc Two Station Coffee Machine
Best Price Commercial Coffee Machines


  • Fully automatic or Semi-automatic
  • 10.5L boiler
  • Two group
  • Including Water softener , frothing jug , stanless steel knock box , PR valve and cleaning kit.
Wega Pegasis Commercial Coffee Machine
Best Price Espresso/Cappucino Machine

Wega industrial grinder with 1.6kg hopper
  Industrial Coffee Grinder
Best Price Coffee Grinder

Wide range of catering equipment for restaurants and coffee bars, including underbars, ice makers, toasters, blenders, slicers, rotating cake displays, available on request.

Coffee Machine - Pour Over (with 2 jugs)

18l / 144 cups per hour
1.7l in 6 min

Used for immediate service in restaurants.
Coffee should be served within 30 min of being brewed.

Coffee Machine - Pour Over
Best Price Commercial Coffee Machine

Airpot Brewer - Bravilor
18l / 144 cups per hour
1.8l in 6 min
Airpot Brewer
Best Price Bravilor

The Office and Corporate Vending Product Range


Dimensions (WxHxD) 390x395x455mm
Weight  15kg
Power 2300w
Removable water reservoir 2,4lt
Capacity of the bean hopper 300g
Quantity of ground coffee 6-12g
Boiler Double stainless steel
Pump pressure 15 bar
Colour Silver/Black
  • Has 2 independent boilers and pumps allowing making coffee and frothing milk simultaneously
  • “Cappuccinatore” Automatic milk frothing device
  • Adjustable coffee dispensing head in height
  • Removable brew group, water reservoir and grounds drawer
  • Adjustable coffee grinder
  • Ready-ground coffee option
  • Digital Display Panel
  • Cup warmer
  • Swivel based support to simplify use and maintenance
  • “Aqua Prima” water filter
  • Automatic cleaning and de-scaling feature     
  • Coffee production per day:  60 cups
Royal Cappucino Machine
Best Price Cappucino Machine

Sprint Coffee vending machine with Hot chocolate

This machine provides:

  • black coffee (with no sugar/sugar/extra sugar selection)
  • white coffee (with no sugar/sugar/extra sugar selection
  • black decaffeinated coffee (with no sugar/sugar/extra sugar selection)
  • white decaffeinated coffee (with no sugar/sugar/extra sugar selection)
  • cappuccino coffee (with no sugar/sugar/extra sugar selection)
  • hot chocolate
  • hot water (with no sugar/sugar/extra sugar selection)
Sprint Coffee Vending Machine
Best Price Hot Choc and Coffee Machine

Prices are subject to change without notification.
All prices exclude V.A.T, Transport, and installation.
Warranty on equipment is 12 months and subject only to faulty equipment.